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Stories About My Family

Stories About My Family
          Hello, my name  is Ismi Nururrizqi, I will tell about my family. for example, from where I live, daily habits, my family character, my parents job, and others about my family. My house is on Tegalwangi, Kec. Talang, Kab. Tegal, Central Java. I  am verry happy because now I can stay with family again in Tegal, because I used to live in Cirebon Boarding School cottage and now I am studying in Polytechnic Harapan Bersama Tegal.

          I only have sister, and my parents Mother, Father. At home only four people. My sister's name is Saevia Izzatun Atiqoh. She is a student, She is now school at MTs Mambaul Ulum, class VIII, She
has a height of 145cm, almost the same as me, I am also not aware because I used to not stay at home,  She wears a veil, brown hair, white skin, She like very much with cat and actually i also like cats, so my father bought a cat in the market for sister.

          My mother is a teacher, my sister is not similar with mother because my mother is black hair, brown skin, height 147cm, and fat, mother also wearing veil. Every day my mother works to earn money as a teacher at MTs Mambaul Ulum and MA Ma'arif, so my mother and sister are one school, the mother of a teacher and sister of a student, mother works as a teacher it wants to help father in work, so sister and my mother other than that my mother is also a housewife, after work my mother usually cleans the house, sweeps the house, cooks and others. 

          My Father is also actually a teacher in MTs Filial and MA Al Iman, so My mother and father is a teacher, every day my father also goes to school to teach. He has black hair, white skin, height 165cm. My father is not just a teacher, but also opened a rented house, MI Al-Kholiliyah school, trade, and others. I am very proud to have a father who knows no despair although now only a rented house, He always tried to make his family happy.
          Every morning in the house was empty, there was only a pet cat because I go to Polytechnic Harapan Bersama although I leave at 7:30 am, my sister also goes to school at 6:30 am, and my parents goes to school to teach his student at 6:30. So every morning I feed the pet cat first, heating motorcycle and others, while my mother buy breakfast. After that my sister, mother and father leave at 6:30 am, but sometimes I go together with my sister using a motorcycle. My father, mother and sister usually come home at 1:00 pm, and I usually came home at 3:00 pm, at night my sister and I prepare to go to school tomorrow, and the next day my family and I go through daily activities.

          On a holiday, usually I and my family go to nature tour, for example Guci, PAI, Muara Rejo, Mangrove Forest in Brebes, Baturaden, sometimes also in Water Park Swimming Pool, Pacifik Mall, Rita Super Mall, Transmart, and others. all that is my daily life with my family


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